UI/UX interface development by an experienced CSS developer

I am very passionate about CSS and HTML development and consider this skill to be one of my primary focuses in the world of front end web application development. I have always done hand coding and believe writing my own CSS code and HTML markup allows me to write very clean, efficient, fast, and organized code, whether it is for a large, scalable web application interface or a small, static website.

I also believe understanding HTML and CSS at a deep level helps me to write code that helps make a web application accessible on various levels, including various forms of AT (assistive technologies) like screenreaders and switch systems. After all, the Internet should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

And, controlling my own codebase allows me finer detail when needed, such as when to develop a custom breakpoint in an RWD (Responsive Web Design) environment.

I also use my skills as a graphic artist as part of my front end web design style, and consider my PhotoShop and Illustrator knowledge to be a great asset to my overall web development style.

Gallery of my freelance web design projects

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