Logo Design & Identity Branding

Logo design and development is certainly one of my top passions in the graphic arts. I enjoy the process of interacting with a client to help him or her decide what path would be best to go down in the journey to attain a corporate identity he or she will be proud of.

I have a solid process for the initial phase of conceiving what direction a client wants to take his or her branding idea, but also a refined digital art style that allows me to finish-up by delivering a simple yet easy-to-recognize logo.

I am of the belief that a proper logo should have clean typography, bold colors, and should be easy to recognize and remember. Plus, I always like to add a touch of iconography to most of the logos I develop that gives a visual representation of the product or service.

All the logos I create are 100% vector art, which means they are resolution-independent and are suitable for all forms of web, print, and animation.

Gallery of my freelance logo designs and identity branding

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